In the long term, and assuming that we get agreement to implement STAR-Trak, we anticipate the following benefits from this project:
– Reduction in non-completion rates and increase in student learning performance
– Reduction in student administration time spent by teaching staff
– The ability to model and undertake scenario analysis using Business Intelligence (BI) applications and the data warehouse cubes (a type of database structure for BI) containing the activity data
– The creation of a longitudinal repository of student activity data that over time might otherwise be lost
– A platform to support harvesting & analysis of data from resource discovery and management tools


About robmoores

Practice & Innovation Manager at a leading UK retailer, with an interest in service orientation, whether applied to IT or business.
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1 Response to Benefits

  1. Andy McGregor says:

    This is great. A really attractive set of benefits that would appeal to other institutions who might be looking to follow your approach.

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