We have had a tremendous reaction to the project from academic and administrative staff. The input has helped us further our understanding of how the application might be used within HEIs to support retention. The strength of STAR-Trak is in facilitating a face-to-face discussion between staff member and student regarding any potential issues around engagement and retention.

User requirements have been elicited by running workshops with key business users. We are in the fortunate position of already having a proof of concept application. Having something to look at makes it far easier for end users to grasp the potential uses for the application and thus come up with requirements. To elicit the final set of requirements the following steps were taken:
1. Requirements from each workshop were captured, reviewed and then transposed into a single spreadsheet.
2. At this point a further review synthesised several requirements, and further detail was added so that the relative effort in implementing each could be assessed.
3. MoSCoW (Must, Should, Could and Would) prioritisation was then applied to the requirements.
4. We then worked down through the prioritised list until we hit the development budget and time limits for the project.

Ideally we would have liked to have a further round of workshops to confirm the requirements. However project timescales and the other commitments of our key business users has meant that we have had to move straight in to the development phase. Risks around this have been mitigated by continuing discussion with users as the detail of requirements is fleshed out.

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